All the mundane talks of ‘living your life with freedom.’ and still we don’t know what it means. For me, the meaning of it boils down to two simple words, to travel.

So, today let’s celebrate the joy of travelling with a guide on how to travel.

The basics

  • Vehicle – The basic form of travel is to simply hit the road. Car travel or even a bike will do.
  • Cash – You need two kinds of cash, one in your wallet (Physical cash) and one should be in your bank account(Digital cash).
  • The basics covered, now let’s get to the aesthetics and accessories
  • Tunes – A good tune is like a good wine. They have a similar effect with only one difference – is the latter will keep you awake and the former can knock you out. No wonder, cab and truck drivers have their own arsenal of tunes with them.
  • Camera – You can never go out without a camera. Simple common sense. After all you must capture what you have seen, otherwise you will miss the whole point of travelling. When you will grow old, you will always have those crazy awesome memories of you going places. Isn’t that sweet. Life is nothing without nostalgia.
  • Shades – Shades are important if you want to look cool, and if you don’t, Well then too, you need‘em as the glare of the sun can cause problems when you are driving. Most of the time in snowy hills, your eyes get damaged due to reflection of light, sunglasses are used to prevent that.

All the important factors covered, now let’s see what you can do when you are travelling.

Benefits of Travel

How to get full feels of a place?

Here is the answer.

  • Get a guide – Hiring a guide will solve 80 percent of your travel They can be a little costly but it will be worth it. As they will help in getting a local experience of the place. They will show the hidden aspects of a particular city no one can ever know about. You want a real raw experience; guides are your best option.
  • Night life/Day life – Every place or city will look very different in day and night. Experience both. The day life of a particular city will provide you with a lot of action and adventure feels, the traffic, the people – all is just part of the journey. The nightlife of the same city will be differently felt by you, the food, the weather, the ambience.

P.S On an end note, just like to say one thing. You don’t have to go too far. You can always know more about your own city.